Environmental Friendly Business

At Kyneton Toyota we are doing everything we can to minimise the impact we are having on our environment, whilst giving back as much as we can through our activities to the community.

Some initiatives we have implemented;

  • 127 individual solar panels capturing the natural sunlight that Kyneton enjoys so much! This system is capable of producing enough energy to make our need almost self-sustaining, returns unused energy to the grid, and reduces our Greenhouse Gas Emissions by almost 100,000 tonnes per year!
  • Segregation of general waste through specified bins. We separate our general waste from our recyclable paper, cardboard, and plastics. This reduces our demand on local landfills.
  • Our waste oil and waste oil filters are collected by an EPA licenced contractor and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Scrap metal is recycled and turned into new products by local contractors.
  • We harvest natural rain water through our roof space and tanks, using this to clean your vehicle each and every time!
  • We have replaced traditional light switches in our low traffic areas, areas such as toilets to have occupancy sensor lighting. This reduces the time in which lighting in these low occupancy areas are on, effectively reducing our power consumption.

Kyneton Toyota actively support, practise and encourage the principles of Eco-Driving. Eco-Driving focus on smooth and efficient driving habits. It aims to prolong the life of your vehicle through good maintenance, decrease stress levels associated with stop/start driving habits, decrease excess fuel consumption, further decreasing emissions and the demand for natural resources.

We aim to take advantage of as many natural resources as we can during each and every day. The design of our building incorporates;

  • Installed whirly bird units on our workshop to reduce hot air and evacuate fumes.
  • Make active use of roller doors to ensure natural air flow, decreasing the demand on air-conditioning systems.
  • Our walls are insulated to keep the premises on an even temperature.
  • Replaced our yard lighting with energy efficent LED spot lights.
  • Installed Blinds in our showroom to keep the inside temperature consistent and cool.

Close your windows on the Freeway
If you’re driving at high speeds on the freeway, having windows open increases drag, which cuts your fuel economy. Just closing your windows at speed can cut your fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 10%.

Share your car
71% of us still get to work by car. One way to cut emissions per person and fuel bills by 50% is to add another passenger.

Get into Second and Fourth fast
Getting into higher gears as early as possible is a good idea as they are more economical for fuel consumption.

Don’t stop if you can help it
Roll towards queues – never rush to join them. Look beyond the car in front of you and anticipate changes at traffic lights. Safety is paramount, so don’t take risks, just avoid unnecessarily coming to a halt. This saves on fuel and emissions.

Accelerate gently, brake gently
Accelerating and braking smoothly can cut your emissions significantly.

Go easy on the air conditioning
Using air conditioning unnecessarily adds 5% to your CO2 emissions.

Keep tyres pumped
Under-inflated tyres increase your emissions by 3%, so it’s worth the effort to check your tyres.

Clean junk out of the boot
A heavier car means heavier fuel consumption. Clear out the clutter from your boot – anything that’s not needed for daily trips.

Good driving is eco-driving
You can get there just as quickly and save fuel and CO2 emissions by driving smoothly and at efficient speed.

Ditch the roof rack
A roof rack increases resistance, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Store it in the garage when it’s not being used.